DinnerNow.net TechEd session with Matt and David

Matt and David will be giving a presentation at TechEd on June 5th titled ".NET Framework 3.0 End-to-End: Putting the Pieces Together".   They will essentially be breaking apart the DinnerNow.net sample application and talking about how we developed it and why we made different architecture and implementation decisions.  It should be a great talk.   Here is the abstract:

Do you build Microsoft .NET applications? In this session, learn how to use .NET Framework to build better end-to-end solutions using the DinnerNow.net sample application. From a Windows Presentation Foundation client to a Windows Communication Foundation service tier driven by Windows Workflow Foundation, walk through a solution from whiteboard to Windows PowerShell script, and everything in between. We highlight management, security, workflow, services, and mobile applications, in different areas of the DinnerNow solution. Come to this session to see how one piece fits into a bigger solution, or how the .NET Framework can be leveraged to increase agility in application development.


Don't worry if you're not going to TechEd.    The session will also be available as a live webcast on June 5th at 2:30 p.m. PST.  Just click on the link above to register.