My blogging excuses - Changed jobs, moved to Redmond...

It’s been a busy…um 4 months since my last post. Since my last post I’ve changed jobs at Microsoft and relocated my family from Denver to Redmond. I’ve taken on a position as an Evangelist with the Windows Server Evangelism team. It's an awesome group with lots of sharp people. I’ll be focusing on management – sharing info with developers on how they can build more manageable apps for the Windows Server platform. The first couple of months in the new job were a bit hectic. During the first week in my new role I started working on a demo app that used a combination of several MS technologies (BizTalk 2004, WSS, InfoPath, ASP.NET Speech controls, LCS 2004, Enterprise Instrumentation Framework, … etc.). The demo was initially used at an internal airlift event our group held for the evangelist in the field and lately it’s been used by a few other MS teams at some external analyst events. Our team has also been assembling the content for the Windows Server ISV Community Days events occurring in October and November around the world. You can view more details and register for the upcoming US events from here.

I’m now switching my focus back to manageability and trying to understand all of the MS technologies in this area. I mean, how many ways do you need to log an event from a .NET app? (Please, don’t answer that. ;) I’ll be focusing on MOM 2005, WMI, and Enterprise Library in the short term. I’m also starting to spend time on future technologies, namely the System Definition Model (SDM) and Dynamic Systems Initiative (DSI).

Now that I’m finally getting settled into my new home and starting to enjoy fall (and the sunny Seattle weather), I’m hoping to have some more time to blog. At least I better, since I’m running out of excuses. ;)