New Channel9 Video: Windows Workflow Foundation Team Tour

Last month Robert Scoble and I walked the halls of building 1 and met with several of the Windows Workflow Foundation team members.  The resulting video is now live on Channel 9 here

The following team members appeared in the video (in order of appearance):

  • James Conard, Evangelist
  • Bill Devlin, Group Program Manager
  • Dennis Pilarinos, Program Manager
  • Suryanarayana Putrevu, Test Manager
  • Abhay Parasnis, Product Unit Manager
  • Angel Azcarraga, Software Development Engineer Test
  • Akash Sagar, Software Development Engineer
  • Pravin Indurkar, Program Manager
  • Israel Hilerio, Program Manager
  • Moustafa Ahmed, Program Manager
  • Marcelo Uemura, Software Development Engineer