PDC 2005...Done! - Please give us feedback on the labs

Well, the PDC 2005 is finally over.   I flew back to Seattle from L.A. on Saturday.   There are a few post-mortum activities related to the Hands On Labs and the launch of Windows Workflow Foundation, but for the most part the PDC 2005 is complete.  

If you attended the PDC, I would love to hear what you thought of the labs.  I can't answer specific lab questions, but I would like to get feedback on the lab experience.  Did you like the LaunchPad tool?   Did you like having the labs in the Big Room?  What should we do differently at the next PDC?  etc. 

Dennis Pilarinos just posted some of his PDC 2005 pictures.   Here's one of me next to the full-size Channel9 guy.  

I'm taking a few days off to recover from the PDC and spend some time with the family.  Now that the PDC is over my focus shifts to:

  • Helping our partners and customers adopt Windows Workflow Foundation through the "Longhorn" Server Ascend program and Enterprise Go (this is a big area...more on this later)
  • Updating the WindowsWorkflow.net site with fresh new activities, samples, and content
  • Answering questions and participating in the WindowsWorkflow.net forum (http://www.WindowsWorkflow.net/Forums).   
  • Preparing for Windows Workflow Foundation Beta 2, which is scheduled for late this calendar year.