Bernie Klinder ♡ Guided Help

From Bernie's review of Windows Vista's killer features...

Guided Help and Automated Diagnostics -- A large number of help desk calls are for simple technical issues that aren't difficult to resolve but are somewhat time consuming to explain to a remote non-technical user. Network issues, printing issues and device drivers are common scenarios that Windows Vista will automatically attempt to fix. Many other common issues are handled via a Guided Help menu that pops up when an error occurs – prompting users to resolve the issue themselves with help from the OS. For IT professionals, performance monitoring and task management tools are easier to use and provide more information.

Also in the list:

  • Integrated Search
  • Power Management
  • Network Management
  • Ad Hoc Wireless
  • Presentation Mode (AWESOME)
  • Previous Versions
  • Mobility Center
  • Document Previews
  • Guided Help and Automated Diagnostics
  • Aero

Thanks Bernie - glad you like it!

[via Developing for .NET]