Photo Album Publishing - Why print photos when you can print a book?

Did you know that you can print custom books now?  I can easily and cheaply create my own book with mypublisher.  It's no quark (what most real publishers use), but it's cheap, easy and good enough.  For what I want to do, it looks like the right level of flexibility.  I love products like mypublisher and Windows DVD Maker that give me a professional look without too much trouble so I can share great memories, without giving up my life.

I was just in the process of putting together some interesting photo stuff when this caught my eye.  I don't have any immediate plans to do something with it, but this seems like a great and inexpensive way to capture some great moments like our vacation to Europe in a way that doesn't involve a computer screen and that we can send to Grandparents and other folks who'd rather not have to sit at a computer to enjoy pictures of those that they love.

I really love the picture screensavers myself, but this is probably something that I'll use to put together a few photo albums of our own.  We may even print off the blog that we share with our family members in book format.