Summer Fun, Full House

(Normally this kind of post is reserved for my other blog where I mostly blog about non-tech - so don't worry, I won't be boring you with stories of how incrediby smart and cute my little boys are (obviously my wife's DNA is doing overtime).)

We've been enjoying our summer, with lots of friends around and good weather.  We've got my sister-in-law staying with us while she gets her dental certification.  Our youngest probably doesn't even remember life before she came to live with us.  And for a few weeks we had a friend of mine from college crashing at our place for a bit while they worked out their housing situation.  (Because John's doing his residency and needs to be very close to a number of hospitals, he needed to be in a very narrow corridor and had trouble finding folks who wanted to rent to someone out-of-state when there were plently of applicants in-state.)  And the weather has been hot, but nice.

John is an eye surgeon and sees some pretty crazy stuff.  Every once in a while I'll pick up his texts and look at something I hope never happens to me and be glad that someone is helping those folks.  For example, the 4th of July had some obligatory fireworks mishaps.  His days are pretty different from mine - I'm a little jealous of how closely he gets to work with the people he's helping.  (I couldn't resist asking him if Scrubs had any parts that resembled reality - Apparently not. :) 

Anyway his kids are about the same age and they spent all their time together.  Now that John and crew are settled in their new house, we're looking forward to hitting some cool places around here with them.  It's a little limiting with small children (I have to wait before they're ready to go rock climbing with me :)), but I'm in no hurry for them to grow up.  If you have any recommendations for good 2-5 year old destinations, I'd love to hear them.