I will be in Orlando next week (June 6-10, 2005). I have been working on a number of things, blogging not being one of them, but I am sure given my lack of posts you already know this. I would like to discuss with you what features you would like to see in the next version of the GotDotNet workspaces. If you are interested please come to the Community Lounge (MSCOMM Community Lounge). I will be there at the times listed below. If I am not there you can also talk with Sandy Khaund, Betsy Aoki, or Korby Parnell. This is an optimal time to provide input because we are still in the early stages of planning/development.

  • Monday, June 6th 4-7 PM
  • Tuesday. June 7th 12-4 PM
  • Wednesday, June 8th 9-11 AM, 3-5 PM
  • Thursday, June 9th 3-6 PM

I hope you get a chance to come by.