Will CodePlex replace GotDotNet Workspaces?

In the short-term, the answer is no. The CodePlex team is focused on making this site the best place for developers to collaborate on community projects, not eliminating GotDotNet Workspaces.

GotDotNet Workspaces serves over 8000 projects and migrating projects while maintaining the integrity of the data is not a trivial task. Many customers have grown to rely on GotDotNet and we wish to support them in the most responsible manner possible. At this stage of CodePlex’s development, we believe the responsible approach is to keep both sites open.

If, at some point, we realize that it is in the best interests of our customers to move to one site, we will support the migration. However, it is too early to speculate if and when this will happen. For those who have projects on GotDotNet and wish to migrate to CodePlex, please send an e-mail here. Please keep in mind that given the large number of incoming requests and the high quality of almost every new project submission that we receive, we cannot guarantee that your project will be created until sometime after our release.