An e-mail message I was unusually pleased to receive.

KC had a post recently about "E-mail overload" - so called, and arguing we shouldn't point the finger at mail the whole time for the problems of information overload (her follow-up is worth reading too).  I've talked about the rubbish that lands in my inbox before... I won't go over that ground again.

When Steve and I heard that Scotty Macleod was well enough to post something on Dmitry's blog we both thought we should go and see him in hospital. I hate going into hospitals and I wasn't going to and see Scotty until he was well enough to appreciate it.  Scotty dropped each of us a quick thank-you note and apologized for not sending something longer.  His recovery still has a way to go, but I don't think I've ever been so pleased to find that someone could send an email. And Scotty if you're reading, don't worry Short is good .