More on keyboard short cuts.

Eileen mentioned something about Keyboard shortcuts on her blog, teasing me for not telling her about them, but forgetting that she and I both posted connected items in August. You can get a full list for Windows generally, Explorer, IE and Photo gallery in Windows help. Just type "Keyboard shortcuts" in the search box.

One of the keys that was mention was ALT-Space to pull down the "Window" menu. ALT-F4 for "Close" is listed on that menu, Windows inherited this through the relationship we had then with IBM; as well as command names like "Maximize" instead of "Zoom".  One thing that changed around the release of Word 2 for Windows, and Windows 3.0 was the keys used for Cut, Copy and Paste. Ctrl+C was originally "Centre paragraph" in word. Cut was Shift+Delete, and insert was Shift+INS. Both of these still work by the way, and they're not on the list in Windows help - if you didn't know this and you have the kind of friends who'd be impressed by it ... no don't thank me. 

Anyhow, some time about 1991 we began to change over to the keys we use now. Control + C for copy was obvious but why Control Z for undo. and control X for cut. (Why was X cut and C copy) why Ctrl V for insert ?

It's obvious when you look at the letters as graphic shapes.

 Easy isn't it.