MY reason for having Office 2007 SP1

I've blogged about this twice already, but now it's on my system I have one bug-fix to report.

I read every thing in Outlook. I don't go to blog sites to see if they have posts, I subscribe to RSS feeds, which get brought into folders in Outlook. In fact if something doesn't come to me via outlook, it probably won't get read. Web forums ? Forget it.

I have my feeds offline, searchable, accessible from anywhere (although only updated when my PC is online). For reasons I never got to the bottom of Outlook dated all the posts on some feeds 1st Jan 2007 or 31st Dec 2006.

That behaviour is fixed in SP1 - though I've not seen that recorded anywhere.  

I've re-created some of the affected feeds. to force them to re-date the last few dozen posts, and life's better already.

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