Slides, Slides and more Slides.

I'm presenting (again) in a few minutes, and still have a link which my friend David sent me on my mind.  (No doubt the Apple antagnophiles will pounce on the negative iPhone link on that page) Entitled How not to use PowerPoint it has a brilliant item embedded in it called "Death by PowerPoint and how to avoid it"  - it looks like a flash movie, but it's actually a silent slide show.  It starts:

  • There are 300 million PowerPoint Users in the world (estimate)
  • They do 30 Million presentations a day (estimate)
  • About a million presentations are going on right now (estimate)
  • And 50% of them are unbearable (conservative estimate)

And the rest is what you can do about it. Well worth a look...  It points out that people use PowerPoint as Prompter, Handouts, data-dumps.... All true. I need to get away from PowerPoint decks which could stun an Ox. I'm already feeling sorry for this afternoon's audience  But people ask for hand outs.
Road-shows and similar events should always have the slide decks posted via but not all my events fall into this category. So for those people who want the decks that I have used recently here are

  • The Vista deck I used for the BCS event in Leeds
  • The generic Server 2008 deck I have been using as a starting point since the summer
  • The Virtualization Deck I have used a several recent presentations
  • The Windows Terminal services deck I used on the recent road-show

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