Voice command

I'm tapping this in from the qwerty keypad on the E650 - which may turn out to be a masochistic thing to do.... My notes go into OneNote Mobile and are all bback to OneNote on my laptop. I can then hit "blog this" in OneNote: like Darren I love OneNote - it's a change-the-way-you-work thing. Obviously tapping things out here doesn't do everything - links go in later and only a few symbols (/+!@?*#-_:;',.) are accessible without diving into the 'insert symbol' menu.

I've put Voice Command onto the phone: this isn't a new application but it didn't work on the C500 - so it's been a revelation to me. It's supplied with the kit we give OEMs to build the phone software but it is not on the E650 as supplied, which is a shame. Out of the box the phone supports voice tagging contacts like the C500, but it's a pain. The tags aren't sync'd back into Outlook/Exchange, so I was never going to record tags for everyone in my address book: and Voice Command means I don't need to. I say 'call Jackie at work' or 'call Eileen on mobile'. And when I add a new contact on my PC they're voice dialable right away.

Of course other mobile phones can do voice recognition even the awful Ericsson I had back in 2002 had voice tagging. It reinforces my posts about how stupid desk phones are for the money and how keypad-driven voice-mail is an anachronism.

I expect to use voice command's media controls in the car - for now they are the phone's party trick - the child in me sees great fun to be had issuing play commands by Bluetooth from another room.

Here's a quick map of what you can say to voice command:

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