ARM, Azure Resource Explorer and troubleshooting deployments

If you've ever hit an issue when deploying an ARM template into Azure there are some good resources out there to help you find the root cause.  There is a detailed troubleshooting guide here which covers the various options available to you.  However, you can also use the awesome Azure Resource Explorer: which have added support for ARM deployment operations.

Here you can see an ARM deployment failure:

ARM issue

If we drill down into the operation on the storage resource provider we can see the actual issue:

ARM issue 2

So now, I can fix up my storage name and redeploy - nice little touch added here by Stuart Leeks which clearly shows the current status of the deployment operation:

ARM redeployARM redeploy2

To learn more about Azure Resource Explorer see this great Channel9 video with David Ebbo and Scott Hanselman:  This project is open source and available on GitHub here: