New ARM Templates: To assist O365 Addin Development & Testing

I've created 2x new ARM templates to assist with the development and testing of O365 Addins. These are now available on the public Azure quickstarts github repository:

As per the O365 Addin Store validation policy 4.12, your add-in must run in both version of Office (2013 and 2016): This can be an issue as you can't install them side-by-side on the same machine. So unless you've got some machines hanging around, you're a bit stuck. However, by being able to provision new Azure VMs quickly with Office pre-installed is a big time saver. No more scrambling around for download keys, ISOs etc - just pick which version of Office you want installed and the ARM template does the heavy lifting. Wait a few minutes and you'll have a shiney new VM ready to develop or test your O365 Addin on. Use these json files from your favourite Azure CLI, or just hit the "Deploy to Azure" buttons below.

O365 Addin Testers

Use this template which spins up a clean VM with just Office installed on it, you get to choose which Operating System you want.

O365 Addin Developers

Use this template which spins up a VM with Visual Studio (choose your SKU) and whichever version of Office you want pre-installed and ready to go.