Windows 10, UWP and Nibbles on the big screen (Surface Hub)

Recently, at the Premier Support for Developers DevBriefing 2016 conference at the Microsoft Campus in the UK, I was showcasing the Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform on the Surface Hub.  This gave me the opportunity to deploy and test my Nibbles UWP (aka Snake) game for the first time on such a big screen.

Again, it just worked, no last minute code tweaks required - downloaded straight down from the store and it worked first time.  It really is great to be able to target so many device families with such ease.  Here's the result, the top and side of the large touch screen direct the snake, or the smaller touch pad at the bottom right corner can also be used, or even a keyboard and directional arrows - so a few options are available for you!


I then challenged the customers to see who could get the highest score - all telemetry and scores sent up to Application Insights :)