Data Mining position available

Ever have one of those situations where you feel like you need just the right person for the right job but you're not finding that person using the traditional means? Well I'm in that situation - I have an open position for a Software Development Engineer on the Data Mining team in SQL Server and if you are the right person I would love to talk to you. We have a small team working on exciting technology with worldwide impact and we are very passionate about making our product the best and most successful data mining product in the world. For example, check out our Meet the Team section at - the entire site was created and is maintained by the dev team in our spare time while we work on finishing SQL 2005. Testers, developers and program managers all write magazine articles just to get the word out. If you'd like to add your picture to that list and are an experienced dev with excellent C++ coding and design skills with a strong mathematical background send your resume to I'm looking for a candidate that can work independently, learns quickly, is not daunted by complex math/threading/coding/data structure issues, is customer focused, and flexible enough to "get the job done" in our small team environment. Due to H1-B visa limitations, it would be a lot easier if you already have authorization to work in the US, but there may be something we can do if you are a true star candidate.

Our team is a great team to be on - it's very diverse, focused, and has a huge amount of growth potential - we've created a lot in SQL 2005 DM, but really we've scratched the surface of what we can really do.

If this sounds like the opportunity for you and you live in the Redmond, WA area or are willing to relocate - drop me a line.