New Live Sample - Visio Data Mining Diagrams on the Web!

I've been playing around and testing the Data Mining Templates for Visio 2007 (part of the Data Mining Addins for Office 2007) and it's even more fun than I imagined when we came up with the feature.  Last week I audited a new BI course for ISV's that is being developed and saw how they created a schema diagram in Visio and then simply used Visio to publish to the web.  I had one of those giant "no duh" moments and immediately started creating data mining models as web pages!  Finally, through our integration efforts with Office and the built in features of Visio, thin client model viewing is here!

In any case, I posted a single model as a "Live Sample" here - more to come!  Don't be afraid to try out the other Live Samples while you're around!