On PASS, PDC and new Downloadable Demos

I've just finished uploading some new demos that I've shown at PDC and PASS. Both of these demos show how to use VBA to integrate data mining functionality into Excel. Their pretty cool - you should check them out. Bogdan wrote the DMPredict function and I wrote the clustering sample.

As I'm writing this PASS is finishing up - I actually should be on the way to the airport, but I still have a couple minutes....

PASS was excellent as usual and I'm fired up about the response to the data mining tools in SQL 2005 - there's a whole new audience out there that has advanced research technology available to them for the first time. It will be exciting to see how these communities can push and pull this tech to do things that no one has ever imagined. A PDC'er that commented to be two weeks back in LA, called the advances in Data Mining and OLAP in SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services a "seismic" event. It's good to be in AS!


Go ahead - if you've downloaded the September CTP, check out those demos! Gotta catch my flight!