Adventures in Education

Some different things are going to be happening to me over the next few months but I have decided after quite a long hiatus that one of the things i should be doing is blogging again. I don’t know why I have been silent for so long. It is falling out of the habit of putting your thoughts to digital paper and posting . Once you get started doing it then it becomes addictive and you should keep it up. I have gone a bit too long to say the very least since my last post .

Well since my last post I have been very busy in lots of different areas within  my job role technically. I have been retraining in the technology of App-V  and also outside of my job role in the wider community. specifically in the area of Women in Technology events.

In this area I have been pretty active . I have been involved in lots of events both internally and externally to my Company.  One of the really great things is that I have been supported by my divisions Premier Field Engineering and Microsoft as a whole  in getting involved in many initiatives to encourage and support Women and Young ladies in looking at a career in I.T. as a serious option where they can achieve and fufill their aspirations. So as I move into a different role within Microsoft this will continue . I will endeavour to keep you up to speed with all of the different things my new role brings to me in the sense of technological challenges , plus hopefully keep you informed and educated in my own unique way.

So looking forward to sharing the next stage of my journey with you.