Fascinating Roots to our Cipher Code Cracking Past

 I seem to be on a run of recommending books, oh well must be that time of year. Anyway one fact you my not know about me is that I used to be in the Royal Navy working in Radio Telecommunications. Therefore I have a background in using Cipher and One time pads and Encryption Technologies. This has been an area which has always been fascinating to me. I enjoy reading about the history of Ciphers and Code Breaking. It was therefore with interest that I was reading the BBC Website.

The article is about the project at Bletchley Park to setup a National Museum of Computing. This is particulary significant as they are looking to house it in Block H where Colossus one of the major Code Breaking Computers that cracked the Enigma Code messages sent by the German Submarines, and helped to shorten the War by 2 years. It also helped the British win the Battle for the Atlantic which tragically cost so many Merchant Seaman Lives. Anyway if you like this sort of information about codes and history of codes, then I recommend the following book.

The code book by Simon Singh, who also hosted a Channel 4 series a few years ago around the same subject matter.