Happy New Year ! from Chilly Britain and looking forward to BETT

Well I am back to work and have now found some spare time to blog a little. Well we have been in the grips of a snow freeze here in the U.K. with temperatures dropping to –13C yes Celsius not Farenhite. Because we are not used to such weather we have had road chaos as we ( I include myself in this) are not great at driving in such treacherous conditions.

Well this certainly did not stop us from working. Even though Microsofts Office at TVP has been closed because of the treacherous driving conditions. We all reverted to using our remote home working facilities and Microsoft Live Meeting and Office Communicator worked really well. I spent alot of today on a  Live Meeting training session for next Weeks BETT conference at Olympia. BETT is the world’s largest educational technology event. I am really looking forward to it and will be there next Weds and Thursday.The Live Meeting had over 65 attendees and It worked really well .  As a diverting interlude to all the training every so often we had webcam views of snowy scenes from everyones Home Office :) . The organiser of the Live Meeting did have the foresite to warn us first before he switched to  our webcams !

See below for a view of SNOWY Microsoft Thames Valley Park HQ


I thought below was a striking picture . This was taken from the BBC website as a picture from a NASA satellite  http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/in_depth/8447023.stm…….Brrrr. Reaching for the thermals as I type.


What a fantastic picture !