My Favorite Communicator

As I mentioned previously, I have just taken possession of my shiny new SPV M300 Pocket Pc running Windows Mobile 5. Now I am a happy bunny. My favorite package at the moment is  Microsoft Office Communicator Mobile. This is so useful. It means even when I am on the road I can be in instant contact with all my Live Communication Server contacts. Also quickly "set note" to inform them of my location. I am often working at customer sites where it is not always possible or convenient to use the laptop. It also gives me "presence" information for all my colleagues, therefore if it is convenient and I have a quick technical query I know they can answer, I can communicate with them. However my means of communicating with them is not confined to Instant Messaging. If I if hold down my stylus over the top of their name, it enables me to have a choice of how to communicate with them, e.g. "Call Work", "Call Mobile","Send E-Mail" "Send Text Message".....I am in heaven. Now this is what I call mobile communication working for me !