Safer Internet Day 9th February 2010




Being a Mum of two young boys who avidly use the Facebook, MSN, Online Gaming, Mobile phones I am very aware of the importance of keeping them safe online and clear about what to do if they feel uncomfortable in any way. On the 9th of February Microsoft are taking part in Safer Internet Day . We have a whole range of volunteers who have been trained by Ceops to train Parents and Children on how to safely use the Internet.

This year as part of the “Click Clever Click Safe” campaign UKCCIS will be launching a new digital safety code for children– “Zip It, Block It, Flag It”.

Download the CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre) IE8 toolbar Click Clever, Click Safe, Click CEOP add on.


Remember be informed and be safe. Plus IMHO do not let children use the Internet alone on their own in their bedrooms. Have the Computer\Laptop in a public family area where you can keep a friendly eye on what is going on.

Also make yourself aware of the Language being used. For Example

POS = Parent over shoulder ! :)