Extension Methods without 3.5 Framework

For a time I've been avoiding extension methods.  Not because I'm opposed to using them but because of the 3.5 Framework. 

A lot of the tools I own are designed to be very light weight tools that only require the user to have 2.0 installed on their machine.  I find that the easier that tools are to install, the more likely people are to use them. 

Extension methods require the ExtensionAttribute be available.  Since the attribute is declared in a 3.5 Framework assembly it's not possible to use extension methods without the 3.5 framework.  At least, that's what I thought up until I read an recent MSDN article.

You can simply define the ExtensionAttribute in your assembly and extension methods will start working.  No references to the 3.5 framework required.  It's a lightweight solution that adds the full power of extension methods to your program.

 Namespace System.Runtime.CompilerServices
    Class ExtensionAttribute
        Inherits Attribute
    End Class
End Namespace