It's been almost 2 years since I joined the Premier Field Engineering team here at Microsoft to support the HMC solution. A lot has changed since that day. We've seen a new version of Exchange roll out, and a new version of HMC to go along with it. Today marks yet another change for me. Today was my last day with the Premier Field Engineering team. I'm joining the Exchange UA team to help in the effort to document the "over-the-wire" protocols between Outlook and Exchange.

Supporting HMC has been a great experience. Chris Vandenberg and his team are doing great work on HMC, and they've got even greater things planned. My old team under Janie Gray is made up of some of the greatest folks in PFE. While I'm excited to start in my new role, I'm a little saddened to be leaving such a great group of people. Best of luck guys, not that you'll need it!

As far as the blog goes, it'll probably get more development-oriented. Stay tuned and we'll see where it goes.