Communicator Mobile 2007 R2

Not the most compelling of product names but Communicator Mobile 2007 R2 is almost due to be released to customers.

The original Communicator Mobile client allowed you to interact through IM and presence with your co-workers and any organisation or public service with which you were federated.   The Communicator Mobile 2007 R2 client extends this capability to provide a much richer experience for voice. 


Some of the key features include:

1) Call Handling Setup

You can use the Communicator Mobile client to configure routing rules for incoming calls to your OCS telephone number.  You can direct those calls to your mobile, hotel phone or even home phone.

2) Single Number Reach

This is the killer feature for organisations looking to save money in these difficult economic times.  Single Number Reach will allow you to places calls from your Mobile device however instead of an outbound call from your mobile they will be originated from the OCS server not your mobile phone.   What effectively happens is that Communicator Mobile uses your data connection to request your OCS Server to place two calls – one to you and the other to the recipient.  These are then connected together. 

This has 2 major benefits in that the recipient only sees your Company telephone number (not your mobile) – great for preserving the one number approach and secondly you only pay for a local call (if at all) rather than international rates.


There are also additional improvments around battery life and performance however IMHO these are the key features!

You can get more information from the Communicator team HERE