Bluetooth Wrapper

During my blogging hiatus in May there was a cool release from our embedded folks.  Here is the description and a link or two:

Windows Embedded Source Tools for Bluetooth Technology

Developing for Bluetooth technology (exposing Bluetooth services, enumerating devices or services, and connecting to services) can be a very time-intensive process. The Windows Embedded Source Tools for Bluetooth Technology program provides a Win32 API Wrapper that developers can expose in Visual Studio .NET or the .NET Compact Framework. Exposing the Win32 API Wrapper reduces the amount of code needed to develop for Bluetooth Technologies and helps make it easier to create compelling Windows Mobile and Windows CE Bluetooth applications.


The Windows Embedded Source Tools program for Bluetooth technology benefits licensees and the larger Windows Embedded and Windows Mobile community by providing:

Free Source Code Access - Provides access to a managed class library for Windows CE 5.0 and Windows Mobile 5.0 developers.

Faster and Easier Development - Spend less time writing the underlying Bluetooth code and more time focusing on innovating applications that support Bluetooth technologies.

Innovation - The range of Bluetooth-enabled services and solutions that can be easily created with the Windows Embedded Source Tools for Bluetooth Technology is limited only by the imagination of the developers who use them.

Collaboration - Connect with fellow developers in the Channel 9 Bluetooth Development WiKi.

Here is a direct link to the license and the project download.