David Rudin Enters The Blogosphere

David Rudin is one of the attorneys on the Corporate Standards Team at Microsoft (and who has been an unending source of wisdom and assistance to me) and posted his first blog posting as of today. David is an extremely smart guy and will be a great addition to the voices out there talking about standards and their impact on the industry.

As the world continues to become an increasingly more connected place, the role of standards will increase in importance rather than decrease. The issues surrounding standards, and the technologies that ultimately are built based upon those specifications, will have a profound effect on all software businesses and interested parties.

IBM and a few other voices are bent upon trying to convince people that standards are the only answer to interop, and that standards are best implemented through open source.

That over simplifies an incredibly important and complex set of issues. I'm looking forward to hearing David's thoughts on these issues and seeing him engage in some meanignful discourse with the community at large.