Interoperability Through Community - Zend/Microsoft Tech Collab

UPDATED 11/1 with links at bottom:

Bill Hilf and his team have done another tech collab deal that makes a huge amount of sense to me. Zend and Microsoft announced yesterday that the two companies are going to work together to make the PHP scripting experience compelling for Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server “Longhorn.” From the press release the collaboration will include:

· Technical improvements for PHP deploying on the Windows Server platform will be submitted under the PHP license to the PHP community for feedback and contribution.

· Microsoft plans to develop and release an Internet Information Server (IIS) add-on component, FastCGI, that will serve as the interface between PHP and the IIS Web Server. Microsoft that this FastCGI component will be made freely available on for users of Microsot Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, and Windows Server “Longhorn.”

· Zend will establish a Windows testing lab and conduct regular tests and performance improvements to maintain high performance of PHP on the Windows Server platform as PHP evolves.

· Microsoft and Zend will work to help ensure a production-quality PHP runtime environment for IIS 5.1 (Windows XP), IIS 6.0 (Windows Server 2003) and IIS 7.0 (Windows Vista and Windows Server “Longhorn”).

· Zend and Microsoft will actively participate in the PHP community, ensuring open discussion to help developers planning to deploy PHP applications on the Windows Server platform.

The Zend tech collab is another in an increasingly long line of these types of deals. JBOSS was first, then came SugarCRM, next was XenSource, and now Zend. I would say we are officially moving out of the novelty phase and into a pattern of behavior. For years I have been going to OSS events and expressing that MS is not religious about development or business models. We are likely to remain committed to our business model but that does not mean there is no room in the ecosystem for different approaches.

I look back to our inviting Jim Hugunin to come on board to help our Common Language Runtime team to more deeply understand how to work with dynamic languages (and the subsequent commitment to the IronPython project) as a precursor to this deal with Zend.

I’ll also point out that the lead point made by Bill in the release (and when he talks about this) is about interoperability. That, of course, is music to my ears. I’ll flog this horse a hundred times – interoperability not just about standards. Community is a critical path element if you are going to build out a sophisticated view of interoperability and Bill’s team is driving some of our more interesting efforts in this space. Microsoft Opens PHP Door Microsoft teams up with Zend for PHP support

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