Open XML Moves Towards The Ballot Resolution Meeting

Earlier today, ISO put out a press release stating that Open XML did not reach the required super-majority for approval as an international standard. The release states that 53% submitted yes votes, and 26% no. Thus, both the requirement for the 2/3 super-majority yes and the limit of no more than 1/4 no votes were not met. 

The next 6 months will be where the rubber really meets the road for the work on Open XML. The JTC-1 editor and TC45 at Ecma will be considering the comments as I have discussed repeatedly on blog entries. I have certainly heard here in comments to my posts, as well as in discussions with others around the world that the work on the comments needs to be professional and comprehensive.

At the end of the 6 months is the ballot resolution meeting (late Feb.). During the BRM, the editor will present the complete set of responses to the comments. Following that meeting national bodies will have some time (I believe it is generally around 30 days) to reconsider their votes. While this is traditionally a time where NBs who have voted "No" may change to "Yes," there is nothing that says a NB that voted either "Yes" or "Abstain" are prohibited from modifying their votes.

So the drama continues...