Webcast Update - Microsoft Office PerformancePoint 2007 demo



Microsoft Office PerformancePoint: Optimizing Business Performance


Recorded: April 7, 2008

Michael Patterson, Microsoft Corporation


Length: 57 minutes



Overview: Microsoft BI

Product Demo: PerformancePoint Server 2007

  - demo also showcases some capabilities of SharePoint 2007, SQL Server 2005 , Excel 2007



00:00 - 13:21 Opening Slides

Microsoft BI Vision & Architecture

PerformancePoint: Monitor, Analyze, Plan


13:22 - 14:40 Demo Scenario

- Retail sample, sales for bike company ('AdventureWorks')

- Executive role with full permissions and access


14:41 - 26:59 Monitor

- Dashboard interface includes scorecard with key performance indicators (KPIs)

- Analytic report views, drill down, drill through, cross drill, filters 


27:00 - 45:59 Analyze

- Query database using data visualizations, drill down, trend charts, OLAP functionality

- Advanced visualizations, exception highlighting, decomposition tree, performance map

- Easy report creation with drag-and-drop, point-and-click navigation and development

- Publish report to web within few steps


46:00 - 57:00 Plan

- Excel-based add-in for PerformancePoint

- Manage budgeting assignments, submit forecasts, input calculations, what-if scenarios

- Centralize and automate complex planning processes, such as allocations



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PerformancePoint Webcast Demo - hosted by Jason Morales

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