Visual Studio 2010 Survey Results

An important part of our development process for Visual Studio is integrating your feedback. To that end, in October we released a survey collecting your feedback on Visual Studio 2010. We received constructive feedback from over 1,800 respondents. Thanks for taking the time to share with us your comments and improvement suggestions.

The overall results were positive and touched across many areas of the product. We heard from some of you that it is the best IDE out there and that some of the new features such as Call Hierarchy and IntelliTrace are "really awesome"! We also heard from you about areas for improvement including performance. As we have in the past, we will continue to make improvements to Visual Studio based on your feedback.

The team has already delivered on areas in which you have had some concerns. I want to walk you through some of the latest improvements that are currently available for you to download.

  • Help Viewer Power Tool (Beta)  - Since the release of Help Viewer 1.0, the team has been talking with developers and observing the use of Visual Studio help in our usability labs. You can download the Help Viewer Power Tool (Beta) from the VS Gallery.  I recommend you check out Jeff Braaten's series of posts that includes a preview of the next set of improvements we're planning to deliver soon.
  • Insufficient Memory - We heard from customers they were running into issues while attempting to cut or copy small to moderate amounts of text. Downloading this patch will resolve these “insufficient memory” errors. The team also posted additional information about this patch if you'd like to learn more.
  • Scrolling Context Menu - The team published a couple patches to this widely-reported problem where context menus contain scrollbars even when there is sufficient screen real estate.  Information and links to the patches for Visual Studio and Windows Presentation Foundation can be found on the team's blog here.
  • Find and Replace Dialog - The team released a patch for this top reported bug that fixes the issue with Find and Replace dialog growing 16px on each use.
  • Color Printing - This extension was created largely in response to your feedback that omitting color printing was causing significant pain on a daily basis. You can download the Color Printing extension from the VS Gallery that addresses that issue. To learn more about the extension, check out the team's blog here.

I encourage you to keep letting us know what you think as you continue to work with Visual Studio 2010.  You can engage with us through our Visual Studio forums, team blogs and our Visual Studio Connect site.   

Expect to see the next set of improvements coming soon in a future release.