Calling All Data Dudes...

Ever woken-up at 4:00 am with these burning questions on your mind?

  • Ever make a bunch of changes to your database then lose track of what you've changed?
  • Frustrated with trying to come up with consistent, "meaningful" test data to test your applications?
  • Wish you could unit test your database?
  • Ever forget to make a backup copy of your stored procedure before you made that one line change (that happens to crash the system)?
  • Tired of feeling like you're not part of the team?
  • Ever wonder why you should check-out Visual Studio Team System 2008 Database Edition?
  • Ever wonder what this URL leads to? 

Well, now there's hope for you - Jim Blizzard, a.k.a. "Blizz" has just published a 2-part Webcast series that attempts to answer these and many other of your burning questions about how Team System can help ease the pain of database development and change management.

Check them out here:

Part 1:

Part 2:


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