got OBA?

It was great seeing everybody at the Orlando Launch event last response to overwhelming popular demand, I'm releasing all the materials and demo code related to my session entitled "Creating Instantly Familiar Applications With The Microsoft Office System"

Below is a quick teaser of the various types of Office 2007 applications you can now easily create with Visual Studio 2008 and the integrated Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO).  Pretty compelling stuff when you consider how much more efficient you can make your information workers by integrating common tasks into the office applications they use during most of their work day...

Word 2007 - Custom Ribbon / Task Pane -> Now you can help folks save a ton of money on their car insurance!


Excel 2007 - Custom Ribbon / Task Pane -> Easily Generate those Pesky Monthly Forecasts!


Outlook 2007 - Custom Ribbon / Task Pane -> If only renewing a prescription was this easy!


Cool! I'm sold...where's the code?

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