SilverGPS - Background

One of my inspirations for putting together this sample application was being part of an interesting case study that was recently published on about how a large global security company was using mobile applications built on the Microsoft platform to gain a technical advantage in a very competitive marketplace.  They also had a unique application that leveraged Virtual Earth to create a "Geo-Fence" around the perimeter to detect when a guard entered an exited the secure area or even moved on the grounds...

image image

They leveraged the .NET Managed GPS layer in the SDK to quickly create  very compelling mobile applications in a very short amount of time. 

image image

One of the most unique aspects was how they leveraged every aspect of the device's capabilities (from monitoring battery power to leveraging SMS text messaging to trigger device alerts): 


So, we finally come to my personal reasons for creating this application and the cool new features in VS2008: 

 image image

Stay tuned for Part 1 in the Series - "Building the SilverGPS .NET CF Client GPS Tracker Application"


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