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I don't know about you, but it's amazing to me how much joy a couple lines of ASCII can bring. Transitionals compiles!

I've arrived in Florida and even though I didn’t leave Houston until after 9 PM last night, I accomplished so many things on the flight. I got the Transition classes separated from the rest of the Acropolis source and got them compiling on their own. I also changed the namespaces up just a little bit since this Transitionals is now a solution in its own right.

The only changes are as follows:

  1. Transitions live in Transitionals.Transitions
  2. The TransitionElement control for presenting transitions lives in Transitionals.Controls

I’d also like to add a few more transition related controls to the project before I go live. For example, in the old Acropolis days I had a cool DataTemplate based slideshow control that I think might be cool to include.

Before the flight was over I even had time to get my Transition Tester project up and running against the new library and the new namespaces. This project is coming along quite nicely.

Things still left to do:

I need to remove the copyright message from the source files that came from Acropolis and replace them with the standard Ms-PL license. I actually wrote a tool that can search for a License region and update or inject it if it’s not found into each C# and XAML file. I’ll use that to get this part done.

I need to decide which controls I want to include. I also need to decide if I want to split the SlideShow control out into a base control without automatic navigation and a derived SlideShow that has the timers. Of course, the timers can always be turned off for manual navigation (and I think that’s already the default).

More on this tomorrow.