Let the Games Begin

At the 2008 product launch I had a chance to meet an interesting individual by the name of Nick Davis. Nick and I chatted at great length about XNA and game development in general. Turns out we share a lot of interests and we even kicked around the idea of starting an game developer users group here in Houston.

Nick has experience building games and doing simulation. In fact he worked at id software for a while and spent several years at NASA too. He's got a wealth of knowledge to share on the trade and the tools, and me? Well, I've got access to the XNA product team and a Microsoft office to host us. :)

We start planning our first session tomorrow, but already many of the pieces are coming together. My MS buddy Chris Koenig helped me figure out how to book the space and put me in touch with the the XNA team. The XNA team has committed some swag and offered to be in touch for questions. Nick has found us a couple of potential sponsors (what's a users group without pizza?) and he's even gained the interest of a few local universities.

So I'd like to present on my blog, the first public posting of our users group site:

Houston Gaming and Media Users Group (http://www.hgmug.org)

Stay tuned for the first meeting invite.