Down time...

Last week was pretty hectic.  Two of the accounts I work with were on campus last week so I traveled to Redmond to be with them Monday - Thursday.  While I was in town I went to the NetDA user group meeting on Monday evening, the NetBAT group meeting on Tuesday evening, and an informal gathering of bloggers at Crossroads on Wednesday evening. 

On Thursday evening, rather than sitting in the I-5 southbound traffic jam for a few frustrating hours, trying like everyone else in the world (or so it usually seems) to drive home (Vancouver, WA), my daughter and I found a good place to take a break from the traffic -- we went to see the Seattle Mariners play Toronto.  The M's lost the game, but it was great to be in Safeco Field again.  We left in the top of the 7th inning and wound up in Vancouver around midnight (with no traffic worries).

As a result of all the daytime & nighttime activities last week, I didn't crack my newly received “Applied XML Programming” book.  Technology had to wait.  Instead I spent several hours planted in front of my TV, playing XBOX with my son (rented Midnight Club II).

But here we are on Monday morning and I'm ready to get back to the technical world.

Let's go!