Off to the jungle!

Starting tomorrow I will be OOF for two weeks visiting the remote jungles of Peru.  You can read my itinerary here.  I will also spend some time seeing Macchu Picchu and Cuzco.  This trip was booked almost a year ago and some time ago I blogged about it.  The lodges I am staying at are an interesting idea - involve the locals in the welfare and profits of ecotourism and they will be very unlikely to poach the animals.  You can read an interesting article about this here.

I have spent the last several months brushing up on my Spanish and reading several interesting books on the rainforest.  My wife is a bit concerned about anacondas and poisonous frogs but I am a bit more concerned about ants and botflies.  If you do not know what a botfly is, then you probably don't want to know.

In the meantime I will prepost a series about travelling abroad with children.