Some common UCMA questions

Every once in awhile (though somewhat more commonly now) I receive an e-mail or IM asking a question on the UCMA API.  I decided to post the answers to some of the most common questions.

Where can I download UCMA? - The release candidate is at

I cannot find any documentation for UCMA? - There is a limited .chm file that ships with it.  I have heard that this will be improved significantly in the future, but for now you can use my 16 part blog series beginning with this post.

I set the certificate of the connection manager, but it can't find it on my machine? - The certificate must be stored on the local machine.  A file based certificate will not do.  It should also have the FQDN of the host.

I send a message from Communicator to my bot and it is rejected. What happened?  - The answer is tricky and is best covered in this blog post.

Instead of accepting an INVITE, I want to redirect it to another machine. How can I do that? - Use TerminateWithRedirection on the SignalingSession.