Two weeks of silence

I must apologize to everyone for the long period of silence.  One of the difficulties with shipping a Beta is it is very time consuming - I had to spend most of my time making sure everything was of a high quality and less time with my blog.

But the good news is we are shipping today! Well, OK - we're just shipping the Beta, not the actual product.

There have been some responses about why I have been so quiet as well as why one would want to code at such a low level.  The answer is there is an easier way to create a speech application using Microsoft Speech Server 2007, but it is not public yet.  Very soon this will be public and I will have alot more to say.

In the meantime I will focus on other aspects of Speech Server that are public.  I stopped with the sample lessons because the truth is very rarely would you want to write this code because there are higher level abstractions that make this alot easier.  There will still be some times when you will need to go down to the Core level and I will try to discuss those further.