UCAS team mentioned in CRN article

Recently the GM of my group was interviewed at CRN.  For those of you used to the MSS (Microsoft Speech Server) acronym we have been known as for awhile, we are now called the UCAS (Unified Communications Application Server) team, part of our further integration into the UC world.  This article gives a few clues of what we are looking to do, though obviously it is a bit vague. It is an interesting article and I hope it whets your appetite for what's coming next.  If you want more details on what exactly we will be working on, make sure you attend the PDC (Professional Developers Conference) this October in LA.  We're all extremely excited about presenting there and I think we're going to make alot of waves around that time.

A few customers have asked me what our integration into UC really means.  This article explains, in words much better than I can express, what the potential is here.

Of course, part of this means I will be frustrated in the next several months as I cannot blog on the vast majority of what I am working on.  So look forward to a number of digressions as I have blogged about in the last few days. If you have any questions on Speech Server 2007 or would like sample code in the meantime, please feel free to contact me or add a comment.