Using UCMA to create clients

I hope my recent blog series on the UCMA API was helpful for everyone.  If you would like me to cover other details please let me know.  In the near future I will continue to blog about applications for UCMA.  However, I would like to point out the UCMA is intended for server side applications.  Granted that the difference between a client application and a server application is a bit vague - for instance UCMA only allows one to send SUBSCRIBE messages but not receive them - but for this case we will define a client as 'per user' and the server as 'per app'.

 In my recent blog series I covered creating a client and a server that communicated with each other.  I did this mainly to allow the series to be progressive.  If I would have enabled the server to immediately communicate with OC I would have had to supply a lot more information up front.  By slowly creating the client and then the server I was able to stretch things out more and I felt that made the series more understandable.

However, as a rule do not use the UCMA API for client side applications because that is not what it is intended for.  If you need to do things on the client, UCCA is the recommended choice.