Early technical preview of JDBC 6.1.1 for SQL Server Released!

Following up with our first open source release a few weeks ago, we are releasing the first of our previews for the JDBC driver. You can get the precompiled binaries here. We appreciate the contributions we’ve received from the community thus far, in the form of new pull requests opened and issues filed.

Below is a summary of the new additions to the project and changes/bug fixes made.


  • Added Java Docs #46
  • Driver version number in LOGIN7 packet #43
  • Travis- CI Integration #23
  • Appveyor Integration #23
  • Make Ms Jdbc driver more Spring friendly #9
  • Implement Driver#getParentLogger #8
  • Implement missing MetaData #unwrap methods #12
  • Added Gradle build script #54
  • Added a queryTimeout connection parameter #45
  • Added Stored Procedure support for TVP #47


  • Use StandardCharsets #15
  • Use Charset throughout #26
  • Upgrade azure-keyvault to 0.9.7 #50
  • Avoid unnecessary calls to String copy constructor #14
  • make setObject() throw a clear exception for TVP when using with result set #48
  • Few clean-ups like remove wild card imports, unused imports etc. #52
  • Update Maven Plugin #55


Getting the Preview Refresh
You can find the latest bits on our GitHub repository. We provide limited support while in preview. Should you run into any issues, please file an issue on our GitHub Issues page.

Our first open source release (v6.1.0) is also available on Maven.

As always, we welcome contributions of any kind. We appreciate everyone who has taken the time to contribute to the project thus far. Going forward, we plan to continue addressing issues and pull requests filed/made by the community. We are excited to work more closely with the community to continue to bring the best support for Java applications connecting to SQL Server.

Andrea Lam (andrela@microsoft.com)