Next release of Microsoft JDBC Driver...

Dear SQL Server developers and users:

Happy new year to all the SQL Server® developers and users! In my last post I mentioned that the Microsoft® JDBC team is working very hard on the next release of our JDBC driver for SQL Server. We will be coming out with the community technology preview (CTP) of the next version of the JDBC driver called “Microsoft JDBC Driver 4.0 for SQL Server” in the next few days.


Based on your input in our JDBC survey in April 2010, one of the main features which we are introducing in Microsoft JDBC Driver 4.0 for SQL Server is support for type-4 Kerberos integrated security. Type-4 Kerberos integrated security came out to be the number one feature ask from the SQL Server developer community.  In this release we will be adding support for authentication via TGT in cache and login configuration file support.

This version of the JDBC driver will also provide support for features in Microsoft SQL Server code-named 'Denali' such as AlwaysOn. SQL Server AlwaysOn is the new comprehensive high availability and disaster recovery solution. Using AlwaysOn, you can increase application availability and get a better return on your hardware investments through a simplified high availability (HA) deployment and management experience. In this CTP, we have added support for multi-subnet failover for AlwaysOn, which allows a JDBC client to connect to a SQL Server that has failed over on a secondary node in a different subnet. 


Stay tuned to our blog for the CTP release announcement!

Thank you,

Amina Saify, Program Manager – SQL Server/JDBC