Migrate existing applications and databases to Azure (step-by-step)

Here is a quick/simple 5-step migration of an existing ASP.NET web application and SQL Server database to Windows Azure “Web Roles” and SQL Azure.

It’s intended to be a very simple demonstration to convey the concept and tools used.  It does NOT include all features of Azure or various enterprise scenarios such as large database partitioning/scaling, service bus integration, authentication, Worker Roles for background processing, or the multiple storage options available in Azure.

Step 1. Setup your environment, download/install the required tools, and create your Azure Subscriptions.

Step 2. Create a simple ASP.NET web application and SQL Server database using Visual Studio 2010.

Step 3. SQL Server migration to SQL Azure.

Step 4. ASP.NET (on-premise) to SQL Azure hybrid integration.

Step 5. Migrate ASP.NET application Windows Azure.

Hope this was helpful… future screen casts will delve into further details in various areas.