Earth Hour 2007: Get Involved!!

earth hour

Global Warming is something that has been on my mind for sometime now.  One of the things that challenges me is how can I make a difference.  And it seems like so little when it's just one person.  But when the community gets together that's when we can all make a huge impact.

At 7:30PM on March 31st 2007 WWF Australia and The Sydney Morning Herald are asking Sydney-siders to turn off their lights for just one hour.  One hour!  That's not too long is it.  The more people and businesses that participate the more we save in greenhouse gas emissions.  And that's a good thing right?

I started thinking about this issue awhile ago but it really hit home when I watched Al Gore's movie "An Inconvenient Truth".  It struck such a cord with me that I began to feel guilty for having so many computers as part of the work I do.  Well I figured I could do something about that.  Since I'm running Windows Vista on everything I was able to take advantage of the new Power Management capabilities and I setup aggressive power management profiles for all my PC's.  Now everything goes into standby in 15 minutes then hibernation in 30 minutes.  I figure if I'm not doing anything on the PC in that time then why is it still turned on.  So now we make sure we don't leave appliances on and PC's when not in use.

We can make a difference to Global Warming if we all participate.  And really it only takes everyone taking small steps to make a big difference!  So come on Sydney turn your lights off on March 31st for an hour.  You never know you might like it!

For more information and to sign-up go to

See you in the dark tomorrow night!