Developing for multiple platforms at the same time...

So, the next version of the IDE will support multiple platforms per project, including Win32 and WinCE platforms in the same project. You will be able to develop for Pocket PC, SmartPhone, and generic Windows CE devices at the same time. My co-worker Josh has a post up currently showing what the code looks like in this situation, and we're curious about whether people think this is great, think this is ugly, or don't care.

Beyond soliciting feedback, what have we been doing? Today is a bug bash for MDC, we're basically telling everyone to hammer on the product, and test scenarios that don't get hit otherwise (e.g. “I was pounding the keyboard in frustration and the IDE locked up”). I'm trying to put together some information about how the project system works for us (how to fine tune the IDE to do what you want, how the device wizards are structured, etc.) and all the random goodness that will make developing for devices much nicer in Whidbey than it was in eVC.

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Jeff Abraham
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Visual Studio for Devices

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